Discounted Theme Park Tickets

Walt Disney World Orlando is home to four major theme parks; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Learn more…

SeaWorld is an amazing theme park is home to Orlando’s best roller coasters, animal attractions, Sesame Street and more! Learn more…

Walt disney world & seaworld ticket information

5 Major Theme Parks

       $70*- Sea World
       $85 – Animal Kingdom
       $85 – Epcot
     $100 – Hollywood Studios
     $100 – Magic Kingdom

* taxes/fee not included for SeaWorld
– Tickets required for ages 3+ (ages 0-2 free)
– Parking not included

seaworld ticket information

– Purchase directly from SeaWorld via our link
– You pick up/print your tickets from SeaWorld
– Directly across the street from our Hotel!

Disney World ticket information

– Tickets through us available at special flat rate
– You will pick up your tickets at registration
– Tickets are valid for only one park per day

– Tickets are valid on Jan. 27 – Feb. 6th, for only Monday – Thursday. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday are not available at this rate) Tickets are not date specific, but are only for the immediate weekdays before and after our event. The four Disney parks are divided into two sections “$85 – Epcot or Animal Kingdom” or “$100 – Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios”.

EXAMPLE 1: If your group of 4 people wants to go to Epcot on the Tuesday before and go to Animal Kingdom the Thursday before – You would purchase 8 tickets for $85 Epcot or Animal Kingdom.

EXAMPLE 2: If your group of 4 people wants to go to Epcot on the Monday after and go to Magic Kingdom the Thursday after – You would purchase 4 tickets for $85 “Epcot or Animal Kingdom” & 4 tickets for $100 “Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios”